In few words: 0% fee to tokenize. 1% fee to sell. Applicable interest rates for loans.

Tokenization / Minting

For free, the claimant can tokenize the claim.

Fees for Buyers. Fees are paid by future buyers in the form of a 1% royalty. If the claim is sold off-chain, there is a 1% fee paid by the buyer.

Fees Paid by Seller. If sold on-chain on a marketplace not enforcing royalties, there is a one-time 1% fee to be shared by the seller. To encourage the seller to honor this fee, we will assign it to a charity.

Borrowing & Lending

Subject to the lending protocol's fees, currently 0% on P2P protocols PWN.XYZ and ARCADE.XYZ. Interest rate to be agreed between the parties.

A $28 court transfer fee applies to the lender to use the claim as collateral, and another $28 to the claimant to return the claim after repayment.


Subject to NFT marketplaces' fees.

A $28 court transfer fee applies to the buyer. You can contact us for assistance in filing the court transfer for you. It is recommended to file ASAP.

Bankruptcy Claim Art

We offer free art options or you can submit a custom image to add to the NFT for free. The art will be both embedded as part of the bankruptcy claim image and available individually with an IPFS link in the metadata.

The art will remain alive even after the bankruptcy is resolved, and the last holder is entitled to move the art to an independent NFT.

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